Get the most out of macOS with these tips

This post is going to show you some of the best tips and tricks for Mac beginners.

  1. Quick Look

Quick Look is considered to be among the most widely used features on Macbook. When you can make this as a habit, you will not need to open any file because you are able to view the file content without having to open it. In order to turn on this feature, all you need to do is just choosing your file and tapping the space bar. For instance, you can choose a PDF and do that in order to scan the content of the PDF quickly without having to open it. However, this feature comes with some drawbacks.

First of all, the preview that Quick Look can reveal you relies on the file you want to preview. If it is a document or a picture, the feature will let you view the whole content of that file. Nevertheless, if it is a folder, it will only show you some basic details such as the file size or the last modified date. As you can learn where the Quick look is useful and where it is not, the feature will be really convenient.

  1. Force Quit Apps

Despite the fact that some of the advantages of using a Mac is that you seldom have any app which will not respond, but sometimes it may happen and this is when you should know how to force quite them. if you use Windows, the keyboard shortcut would be Control, Alt and Delete. However, on Macbook, the shortcut is different. The keyboard combo you need to hit would be Command, Option and Escape.

As soon as you hit this combo, the Force Quit Application box will turn up in a floating window. You then just need to choose the application which does not respond and click on the Force Quit button. If the keyboard combo is rather difficult to learn, you can use another way. More precisely, you can choose the Apple Menu at the top left corner and there is Force Quit option here.

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