How OneDrive Syncing Runs

OneDrive syncing on computers differentiate from the earlier Mesh and from Sugarsync in which you can’t designate any old folder on your drive to be synced, only those under the OneDrive main folder. But it is possible for Microsoft which these synced folders to look less sequestered in the OneDrive world by using Windows’ Libraries. Another truly cool function named Fetch allows you to access files outside the OneDrive main folder, as well. More on Fetch in a moment.

The desktop customers for OneDrive syncing operate on Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, and Apple macOS 10.12 or later. They’re fast to set up, with a setup wizard that allows you to build an account if you don’t already have one. It then presents how your OneDrive folder will appear in Windows Explorer, with its little blue cloud symbol instead of the traditional yellow folder symbol. Install also places a cloud symbol in your system tray, from which you can open your synced folder or adjust settings.

When you locate an image, document, or other item in the created OneDrive folder, it automatically shows in any of your other OneDrive clients on any of your other computers. You can even share an entire folder, but to edit documents in the online versions of Office applications you have to share personal files. As noted above, paid OneDrive users can password-protect shared data as well as set expiration times for sharing. Apple and Google’s cloud services don’t provide either at any plan level without workarounds or third-party add-ins.

For a fast test of cross-platform syncing,  when user set up OneDrive on both an iMac and a Windows desktop.  They then made a new folder in the OneDrive app, which appeared a couple seconds later in the Mac’s OneDrive folder. It contains OneDrive in Windows Explorer is incredibly useful since you can save work from any application to your cloud storage directly, without having to go to a website. That contains apps that autosave files. You should note, however that Apple’s Windows desktop utility for iCloud Drive and Google Drive’s Backup and Sync utility allow you to do this, too.

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