Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage

It is come with Microsoft 365Can which edit documents online without downloading them advanced features. As Google Drive’s appeal to Google users, OneDrive will be a great choice for those who is committed to using Microsoft’s services. You should pause a minute because there’s a lot to take in. It offers the neat integration with, Microsoft’s popular email service, for example.

OneDrive is known as a Microsoft product which presents on its quality. As a result, they have a load of plans that you can choose from with somewhat decent prices. It’s especially fitted for students and teachers because you get your own Office and 1 TB of storage for free. In addition to that, it’s simple to get and contains a lot of integrated programs including Word, Powerpoint, etc. But for those who review that the Microsoft OneDrive found file-sharing quite limited though. Although it feels like proper cloud storage to use, it could be better by a margin if they only tweaked and enhanced some of its functions. Plus, their security and privacy have also been overshadowed by better cloud storages that use client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy.

It’s also incorporated with non-Microsoft services such as design behemoth, AutoCAD. OneDrive also ties in nicely with Windows 10 and there is a selection of affordable mobile apps to facilitate access on the move. If they aren’t OneDrive users, complete with customizable permissions, and the capability of editting files online without downloading them is a welcome touch, it’s possible to share files with other people. It comes from Microsoft, a company with a lot of money to invest at the cloud, it’s a little disappointing to see that OneDrive doesn’t contain more space free of charge. If you are free users, you will get a mere 5GB of storage, although it’s relatively cheap to raise this to 100GB. If you own Microsoft 365 either through your work, educational institution or private purchase, you’ll automatically get 1TB of space per user for free with a choice to boost it up. Just remember that this is cloud storage at it simplest with barely any advanced functions here.

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