Must know tips for Macbook users

  1. Safari

Safari Picture in Picture: with this feature, you can view a video in Safari while you are carrying out other tasks. To do this, you need to right click two times on a video that is playing in order to see a menu offering the picture-in-picture function.

However, if the right clicking method does not work to show you the video or you are not watching You Tube, you can use this alternative. With a video playing, you can search for the audio icon in the Safari toolbar, right click it and it should show you the option.

Easier Link Copying: if you would like to copy the current URL in Safari, you can press the shortcut Command and L in order to highlight the URL bar and then press the combo Command and C to copy it. This is much quicker in comparison with using a mouse.

  1. Force Touch Trackpad

Quick Looks: as using a Mac with a Force Touch Trackpad, if you click and hold on something such as a website link or a YouTube video, you can view a little preview of the content in order to see what it is while there is no need to leave the current page you are on.

Dictionary: if you see a word that you are not used to, you can highlight it and press down on it using the Force Touch Trackpad so that you can look up the word in a dictionary.

Rename folders and files: if you Force Touch on a folder or a file name, you can rename it conveniently. Force Touch on a folder or a file icon and then you can have a preview look at the file.

  1. Apple Watch and Mac – unlock the Mac using the Watch

If you have already got an Apple Watch, you can make use of it to unlock your Mac, which is truly useful and convenient. To set up this feature, you should open System Preferences, choose Security and Privacy and then opt for Unlock Mac with Apple Watch.

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