Tips and tricks for using Macbook Pro

You may have used the Macbook for such a long time and sometimes you may find that the device lacks some convenient features. However, it doesn’t. There are a lot of things you can discover from this leading laptop but you do not know where to start. This following post is going to point out some of the most helpful functions by which you can make the most out of your Macbook Pro.

  1. Make text clipping

This is rather an old feature but still useful that some of you may not know. On your Macbook, you can choose any text and drag it to the Desktop or the Finder window in order to make a simple text clipping. This function is necessary if you would like to make a summary of a news or want to take important notes that you have just read from a magazine. Also, the feature is really convenient to do. You can double click on the file to open it or copy from there or you can drag and drop the file directly in whichever document and it will paste the text at the cursor head. You should remember that as you clip a text, it will keep the rich-text format and the links.

  1. Rename different items simultaneously

This would not be a necessary feature for everyone but it is useful to some extent. You can rename different files on your Mac with just one single activity. In order to do this, at first you need to choose all the files and the right click. After that, you will see a popup menu. You can choose the option shown and input the name you may want to use in the custom name field. Now, you opt for the Rename button. All the files will then be renamed using the word test with a number like Test 1 or Test 2 or something like that. In conclusion, this feature may help you save a lot of time as you want to rename files for bettering arranging the folders.

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