Tips for Macbook beginners

  1. Carry out app research in Spotlight faster

This is a convenient and quick tip to get used to. As you want to look for something in Spotlight, you can type the initial letters of the app and it will let you see the results quicker than having to type its whole name. If you want to search for Microsoft Word, you just need to type M and W. You may find it rather inconvenient at first but if you make this as a habit, you can perform app searches faster and save much of your time.

  1. Utilize Spotlight for Weather, Definition, Conversions and Calculations

For such a long time, Spotlight has only been known as a search mechanism for Mac. Now you can start to use it to carry out different other functions. For instance, you can take advantage of this feature to convert currency and unit. You can also use it to conduct simple math calculations like subtraction or division. What is more, Spotlight can also be used to receive weather information of any region in the world. All you need is just typing the word weather followed by the city name and you can see the result immediately.

  1. Access Emoji keyboard

This is a rather interesting feature. If you would like to use some emojis, you can start easily. All you need to do is just to press the combo Command, Control and Space and then the emoji keyboard will turn up. From here you can start to scroll down in order to find the emoji you would like to use. You can also search for your wanted emoji if you want.

Nevertheless, sometimes you may find macOS lacks some useful features that you may want to take advantage. As you may have known, macOS has always made effort to keep a clean and simple interface for users. However, one point that may annoy you about this operating system is that it does not come with the file path by default. In other words, if you want to look for a file in Spot light and open its location, you can not know by what ways you can reach that location.

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