Tresorit enterprise cloud storage

It had been released in 2011. The provider highlights improved safety and data encryption for companies and users alike. If you’re concerned with making certain your stored files are stored safe online then Tresorit is the support for you. This provider enables you to maintain control of your documents via zero-knowledge encryption that means that you and the selected few you opt to share can ever see your own data.

Your Tresorit account can also be protected by two aspect authentication login and you can select where to keep company data with Data Residency Options. Moreover, you also have functions such as Document Scanner which securely scans and uploads documents directly to Tresorit. The interface which is sported by the different Tresorit apps becomes certainly one of the powerful points of the service. The apps are neat, tidy and modern-performance, and you won’t have any issues finding your way around them, the guided tour that you get when you first open up the client apps certainly helps.

Upload and download speeds were both perfectly respectable during our testing, and are likely to depend more on the quality of your home or office internet connection rather than anything at the Tresorit end. Most user will be pleased to see the ability to throttle bandwidth use in the customer apps, in order to avoid overwhelming your web access, which is something other services offer too.

Perhaps, the mobile apps are even more intuitive to use than the desktop programs, and there’s definitely a Dropbox-style vibe here. Data can be connected quickly and easily, and shared with just a few taps. If you want yet another app to automatically upload your mobile images and videos to the cloud, then the apps for Android and iOS are able to do this for you too. The extra security which is given by Tresorit makes it relatively high-priced compared to other cloud backup solutions. However, most users will probably appreciate the better piece of mind and extra functions provided by Tresorit.


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